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The Veiled Threat of Freemasonry : The Mason’s Founded Ku Klux Klan & The Mafia

The allegiance goes well beyond the borders of Italy, however, given the leaders of the Chinese Mafia are in most cases Freemason members, as well.  In as much as, a predominately Chinese Freemasonry lodge in Australia had been indicted for their borderline organized crime activities that includes using intimidation to force compliance of others to forgo collecting on the debts of Freemasonry members.

Its interesting to note when one goes back in History to the 1800’s that all forms of societies and organization memberships were prohibited by Police Acts. In Australia, this law was strictly enforced. But inexplicably, excluded enforcement of this law against the Society of Freemasons.

Transitioning to 1997, based on allegations of corruption there was the Wood Royal Commission into the Australia’s New South Wales Police Force. It was deemed that the Freemasons had exercised control here, as well. In fact, the Police Commissioner at that time was a well-known Grand Master and, subsequently, because of this investigation, he resigned.

With this type of Police Investigation and significant evidence surfacing its understandable why many individuals are growing wary of Freemasons.