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ScoMo and The gift of tongues

The Prime Minister may be an astute politician as they article says but he is certainly not biblically astute and should test the spirits as the Bible warns as it is just babbling with no interpreter as the Bible advises.  The gift of tongues was solely given to speak the language of the foreigner to proclaim the Gospel.

The History of Tongues

1 Corinthians 14: Dealing with Tongues

The History of Tongues: Recent History!

Spring 2013: Seeking After a Sign – Part 2

Understanding Tongues the rest

From talking in tongues to ‘divine faith’ could Scott Morrison’s religion be a liability?

It’s not unusual to see worshippers speak in tongues, which is viewed as miraculous gift and a kind of direct language from God.

“Christianity in Australia is still the majority faith, even though there is a downward trend over the past decade,” Dr James said.

But Mr Morrison has voted with his religious conscience in the past. Last year, when the House of Representatives voted on legislation to allow same-sex marriage, the then-Treasurer abstained.

A review of religious freedoms conducted by former Liberal MP Philip Ruddock, undertaken after the passage of marriage equality, could be ‘sped up’ by Mr Morrison.… Read the rest

The Army’s creeping takeover of Australia’s national security

The Army is going to control the ground forces.  Keep in mind that the Australian police and the military has influential freemasons inside their ranks.  Who is behind the freemasons…?  The evil  conniving insidious  Jesuits.  Who was behind the massacre in NZ?  The freemasons according to  real news and not the lies and propaganda from the prostitute media and press from the corporate-government apparatus with their continuous disinformation and misinformation.… Read the rest


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Ignorance of the law is no excuse as is sedition and treason

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 Abstract click on link for full article 1973, Gough Whitlam, signed Australia over to the foreign: UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome, handing the Equitable Title of the mineral and energy wealth of Australia to a “foreign power”, head office Rome. Why do so few people know about this criminal act of treason and why are there so many lawyers in parliament that pledge their Oath to the foreign: CITY OF LONDON in order to hide the truth from the masses?… Read the rest