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Letter for the Governor General

Dear Reader, the purpose of this letter
number ONE we the people are in united,
number TWO we are calling out their network of Freemason.DeMolay filth detailing in brief the history of abuses done to all of us WE ARE AWAKE AND WE ARE COMING 🐝🐝🐝
I have sent mine time stamped 10/07/2020 1.53PM.
Stand with us Australia.
🐝We will follow up with phone calls Monday
cc’d to the Official Secretary of the Governor General

Subject Article 61 – URGENT correspondence for the Governor General

Dear Governor General David Hurley, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Attorney-General Christian Porter

Australia, as an exiled society of adults, “the problems were conversion and moral restraint” the first schoolmaster in the colonial chaplain, Reverend Richard Johnson, his educational efforts came in the form of sermons and freemason readings, the literature that came with the Freemasons of the first fleet.

We shall for the purpose of briefness pick up this Freemason.DeMolay network of filth, in 1846 when New South Wales Governor Charles FitzRoy suggested there needed to be a central intercolonial authority in Australia. FitzRoy who descended from the illegitimate line of King Charles II and his “rogering” of 1st Duchess of Cleveland Barbara Palmer.

Fast forward to the Sydney Grammar Schools Act of 1854

“WHEREAS it is deemed expedient for the better advancement of re-legion, morality and the promotion of use knowledge” …

There shall be nominated and appointed by the Governor
One sought of education for the Freemason.DeMolays, and another sought of education for the serfs.

Fast forward to the drafting of the Australian Constitution

Sir Samuel Griffith, the Premier of Queensland, drafted a bill to constitute the Federal Council.

Sir Samuel Walker Griffith KCMG (1845-1920), Chief Justice and 9th Premier of Queensland (twice), Freemason Grand Master.

Fast forward to 1907 the treason of the “Australian States Constitution Act” by parliaments fully planted out with Freemason.DeMolays… treason!

Fast forward now to the 1st World War the mass murder and slaughter of Australians, by Freemason.DeMolays imported and inbred from within the Freemason Orders.

Air Vice Marshal Sir Robert Allingham George KCMG, KCVO, KBE, CB, MC (1896-1967) South Australian Governor 1953-60
Freemason Grand Master South Australia 1956-1958

· Major-General Sir Reginald Alexander Dallas Brooks KCB CMG DSO KStJ KCVO KCMG (1896-1966), Governor of Victoria.

Freemason 19th Grand Master UGLV 1951-1963. Victoria’s longest serving Governor and Masonic Grand Master “was possibly the most popular Governor in Victoria’s history” initiated in the Clarke Lodge No. 98 on 6 February 1950

Dallas Brooks Hall 300 Albert St East Melbourne was named after him

· Lt General Sir John Northcott KCMG, CB, MVO, KStJ (1890-1966).

NSW State Governor & Grand Master. Wounded at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915

· Lord Somers, Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Herbert Tennyson Somers-Cocks KCMG, DSO, MC (1887-1944), Governor of Victoria, 12th Grand Master Victoria 1927-1932 Chief Scout of Victoria and succeeded Baden-Powell as Chief Scout of the British Commonwealth Initiated Household Brigade Lodge

· George Edward John Mowbray Rous, 3rd Earl of Stradbroke KCMG CB CVO CBE KCMG ADC TD (1862-1947) Soldier & Governor of Victoria 1921-26 Initiated Lodge of Prudence No. 388 10th Grand Master UGLV 1922-1929

· Lord Stonehaven, Major-General Michael Jeffery, Governor General 1925-1930, Grand Master UGLNSW

· Major-General Jeffery AC, CVO, MC (1937- ), Governor General of Western Australia 1993 –2002 and then Australia 2003–2008, Former CO of SAS Regiment (Australia). Initiated in St George’s Lodge No 6 on 23 November 1994.

· Sir Samuel J Way (1836-1916), South Australian Lt Governor, Grand Master South Australia 1884-

· Sir Charles Malcolm Barclay-Harvey (1890-1969), South Australian Governor, Grand Master South Australia 1941-1943 95th Grand Master Mason of Scotland (1949-54) initiated in Apollo University Lodge No. 357 (E.C.) in 1908

· Sir William Ellison-Macartney KCMG (1852-1924) Governor of Tasmania 1912-1917, Governor of Western Australia 1917-1920. Grand Master WA 1918, Grand Master Tasmania Initiated Apollo University Lodge No. 357 EC on 6 June 1872

· Sir Eric Neal (1924-) AC CVO South Australian Governor 1996-2001, Chair Westpac

· Sir Alan James Mansfield KCMG KCVO KStJ (1902-1980) Chief Justice, Governor of Queensland 1966-1972 Chief Australian Prosecutor 1946-47 at the trials of war criminals in Tokyo, Chancellor the University of Queensland 1966-76, Grand Master QLD

· Frederic John Napier Thesiger, 1st Viscount Chelmsford GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, GBE, PC (1868 – 1933) British statesman served as Governor of Queensland 1905–1909, Governor of NSW 1909 -1913. Viceroy of India. Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of NSW 1910-1913.Initiated 1 June 1898 in Lodge of Amity No. 137 EC

· Sir Gerard Smith KCMG (1839-1920), Governor of Western Australia (1895-1900) First Grand Master of Western Australia Grand Lodge. Initiated into Freemasonry on 4 May 1880 in the United Studholme Alliance Lodge No. 1591 EC

· Lord Kintore, Algernon Hawkins Thomond Keith-Falconer (1852- 1930) Governor of South Australia and Grand Master South Australia 1889-1895

· Lord Carrington, Charles Robert Carrington KG GCMG PC DL JP (1843-1928), Governor of NSW and District Grand Master NSW in 1888 to 1890 First Grand Master United Grand Lodge NSW Initiated 28 October 1861 in Sir Isaac Newton Lodge No. 859 EC

· Sir Thomas Mellis Napier KCMG (1882-1976) Judge, Lieutenant Governor 1942-73 Grand Master of South Australia 1928-1930

· Admiral Sir Harry Holdsworth Rawson GCB GCMG (1843-1910), Governor of NSW 1902-1909. “He promoted ‘the ultimate formation of a separate navy’ for Australia” Grand Master of United Grand Lodge of New South Wales (1905-09). Initiated in Royal Sussex Lodge No. 501 EC in November 1863

· Lord Brassey. Thomas Brassey KCB (1836-1916), first Governor of Victoria to be elected Grand Master 1896-1900, help found Volunteer Naval Reserves. Initiated Oxford University Lodge 1850.In Melbourne he joined the Clarke Lodge No. 98

· Lieutenant-General Sir John Goodwin KCB, KCMG, DSO, Queensland Governor 1927-32 and Queensland Grand Master 1931-32.

· Lord Gowrie, Sir Alexander Gore Arkwright Hore-Ruthven VC DSO with Bar (1872-1955) Victoria Cross Winner, and Australia’s longest serving Governor-General. Grand Master of NSW Initiated into Freemasonry at Lodge St Andrews Military Lodge No 668 on 15 March 1893.

· Sir Leslie Orme Wilson DSO GCIE GCSI. (1876-1955), Governor 1932-1946 and Grand Master of Queensland 1934-1946. Governor of Bombay 1923-28. Initiated in Lodge Ionic No. 65 NSWC on 17 January 1904

· Sir Victor Albert George Child-Villiers, 7th Earl of Jersey GCB, GCMG, PC, DL, JP (1845-1915), Governor of NSW, Grand Master UGLNSW (installed 1891) initiated into Apollo University Lodge No. 357 EC, on 25 October 1865 affiliated with Lodge Ionic No. 65 NSWC

· General Sir Charles Gairdner GBE, KCMG, KCVO, CB (1898–1983) Governor of Western Australia in 1951-63, Governor of Tasmania 1963-68. Initiated in Shamrock Lodge No. 101 (Irish constitution) Grand Master

· Lord Carmichael, Thomas Gibson Carmichael, GCSI KCMG (1859-1926) Governor Victoria 1908-11 Governor of Madras, India, Governor of Bengal. Grand Master UGLV 1909-1912. Initiated 1895 in Lodge Dramatic and Arts No. 757 SC

· Sir Douglas Nicholls KCVO, OBE (1906-1988), Governor of South Australia and prominent Indigenous Australian. First Australian Aboriginal to be knighted and first to serve in vice regal office. In 1934, 3rd in Brownlow count 1935 first Aboriginal selected Victorian Interstate Team. Initiated Lodge Antoc in 1954

· Sir George Cumine Strahan KCMG. (1838-1887), Governor of Tasmania.

· Sir Ronald Hibbert Cross KCMG (1896-1968), British Parliamentarian. British High Commissioner to Australia 1941. Governor of Tasmania 1951 Initiated in Fidelity Lodge No. 63, Tasmania, in 1953 while serving as Governor.

· Lieutenant-Colonel George James Molle (1773-1823), soldier and Lieutenant-Governor NSW, commander 46th Regiment in February, 1814 Sydney Took part in the first public Masonic ceremony in Australia, at the laying of the foundation stone of Captain John Piper’s new house on what is now Point Piper Lodge of Social and Military Virtues in late 1816.

· Hercules George Robert Robinson, 1st Baron Rosmead GCMG PC (1824-1887), was a British colonial administrator who became the 5th Governor of Hong Kong and subsequently, the 14th Governor of New South Wales

· Col James Erskine CB (1765-1825) fought at the Battle of Vinegar Hill (Ireland) in June 1798. Lieutenant-Governor Port Jackson & NSW. Presented silver trowel to Australian Social Lodge No. 260

· John Hutt (1795-1880) Governor of Western Australia Presided over first Masonic Meeting in WA Foundation Master of Lodge of Saint John No 712 EC first Lodge in WA Persuaded first Freemason (Francis Lochée (1811-1893)) to be initiated in Western Australian Colony

· Lieutenant-General Sir John Lavarack, Grand Master QLD Governor of Queensland from 1946-1957.

· Charles du Cane, (1825–1889), Politician, KCMG Governor Tasmania 1868-1874

· Sir George Grey KCB (1812-1898), explorer of Australia, writer, Governor, politician. Named Glenelg River, Stephen Range, Mt Lyell. 3rd Governor South Australia 1841-5, twice Governor New Zealand 1845-1853 & 1861-68, Governor of Cape Colony (South Africa) 1854-61, 11th Premier New Zealand 1877-79. Friendship Lodge SAC

· Charles Wallace Alexander Napier Cochrane-Ballie, 2nd Baron Lamington, GCMG GCIE, (1860-1940) politician and Governor of Queensland 1896-1901 & Bombay 1903-1907. Initiated 2 Nov 1903 Lodge Biggar Free Operative No 167 SC, District Grand Master SC India 1904-1908

· Field Marshal Sir Henry Wylie Norman GCB GCMG (1826-1904), soldier, governor and agent-general. Aide-de-camp to the Queen Victoria 1863-69. Governor of Jamaica 1883, Governor of Queensland 1888-95. Initiated 15 September 1851 in Khyber Lodge No 582 EC in India.

.. to name just a few. Order of the Garter – “Shame on him who thinks evil of it”, the “it” referred to inbreeding and pedophilia!

Fast forward to the Treaty of Versailles 28 June 1919 which ensured Australia’s sovereignty-a realm unto itself,

would be the useful knowledge the Freemason.DeMolays (by design) were hoping the masses would not awaken to.

Then came the 2nd World War the culling of the masses, as those serfs were still breeding after WW1.

So, dear Governor-General David Hurley the passage of time sees you left in the hot seat with the axe perched to fall upon thee as they say, therefore as instructed in the correspondences served on you 4th July 2020 by Simeon Cassar, Chief Peacemaker, The Australian People’s Army of the rights afforded to us Article 61, of the Magna Carta your immediate action is required.

Deemed in law to have been received and read by yourself.

Should the people of Australia not see any announcements regarding the resolutions as stated in the abovementioned document you will also be held accountable for conspiring to treasonous acts as an accomplice.

Yours sincerely
Insert your name and the date

Send email .. then follow up with the phone calls

David Hurley – Governor General ph 02 6283 3533
Scott Morrison – Prime MInister ph 02 9523 0339
Christian Porter – Attorney General ph 08 6296 7255