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How to lawfully stand your ground when confronted by employees, managers, business owners, police and the courts etc.

To all Australians.Information on how to lawfully stand your ground when confronted by employees, managers, business owners, police and the courts Continue sharing until this message reaches into every Australian home.

Posted by Jason Baker on Monday, 20 July 2020

To all Australians.
Information on how to lawfully stand your ground when confronted by employees, managers, business owners, police and the courts etc.
Please Continue sharing until this message reaches into every Australian home.

Setting healthy boundaries

The best defence is a good offence as that is the military strategy and competition game strategy
We need to resist and not consent
We all need to go about our daily lives unimpeded by “authorities”
Their first line of attack or strategy is use the everyday individual which is the employees (businesses are a proxy for the authorities carrying out “their” illegal mandates
The employee tries to take your right to privacy away by handing you a form and if you say no they are told to tell you that you leave the store
Just avoid them… walk around them and do what you need to do and try not to get caught up with individuals
Their aim is to have everyone fighting each other in he street and it is happening somewhat already
The employees is the first line of their offence of attack on you and it will e a defence when you stand up against them
They are in fear of their job
If you are the employee I would encourage you to do a few things and don’t quit your job unless you absolutely have to
They are forcing you to bend your morals and to be cowardice
If you can’t do anymore old in the facility by all means quit and step out and you don’t get destroyed in the process
When the good ones leave the police then they will be replaced with more bad ones and the good ones aren’t necessarily going to step in and they will be weeded out
So for those who are entrenched hang on the best you can and do the best to bring good changes to slow their progress to do everything in your power to disrupt the whole process by doing it respectfully the best that you can
Courageously but respectfully to change what you can
Try to have fun in the process to show them he stupidity of this process and how dumb it is and help them understand what you know to change their stance
Its a Game of Thrones
A good leader can always bring gold out of another person
When you go up to he police ask them who is the leader here. Not necessarily the highest rank but who has the most influence in the group? Its spiritual realm we are in as well. Appeal to the most mature person in the group. The one who is well received by the rest and so on and bypass the leading rank if required
In Game of Thrones if you killed a ranked soldier then everyone was also killed as well because he was the one who converted them so when his power was gone so was theirs
Our army or team is a team of life. We bring life into the situation and we raise them up as they already were damaged and they taste the better life instead of the draining of life
We are going to have some challenges and battles. They are not huge they are only small challenges. The ones that appear bigger to you can be handled by people like myself who understand more and have been working at it longer

We all have a place and nobody is more important than the next. On the battlefield everyone is simply a man, just a man and he holds a place. You don’t have to agree with his or her decisions but you respect them for their position and you find your position. You don’t fight with your fellow soldier and understand you are on a team so encourage them to get back to a healthy position of frame of mind and mind-set, healthy belief system and so on to defend each other. We remind them of their worth

Dealing with employees
Lets go back with the basics of the employee and he or she insists on something perhaps its the mask. They may say unless you have mask you can’t come in. You say yes I understand the situation we are in and pull out your phone straight away and put them on the back foot respectfully by we are not just having a conversation it is now being “recorded for the court.” Give them notice ahead of time and say I’m just going to put my phone out and put it on record so for the purposes that we are both accountable Im going to video this conversation. If you wouldn’t mind state your name, your position, so when or if I need to take this to court the judge will be able to hear this clearly exactly what happened. Your manager is using you to take away my lawful rights. I don’t like causing trouble but you are the one putting me in this position. The owner of this company, the manager, the government always put the blame on someone higher than them so they can save face. Perhaps you are not aware but I have learned some of my lawful rights and that there is no law in place that says that I have to fill this out and so I’m not going to and I still expect the service thank you. Don’t waste time with them go up the ranks as fast as you need to! Ok I understand they clearly have not given you enough authority so I would like to speak to your manager thank you please. Or In need to speak to the owner please. Always go above them as soon as you have to. don’t waste your arguments with someone who has not got the power to decide.

If you are the employee
Be honest enough to say certain things to keep your job but be honest enough to give the ‘full’ information to the consumer. Surely we should be doing the right thing in his situation. We understand what the government is trying to do ‘legally’ but they the customers have lawful rights.
Assist your customers as much as you can and even become the shield when the manager comes out and be the ‘first line of defence’ for the customer in he higher up of he company to defend an assault by a manager or others. I understand what the government’s legal system is trying to do compared to upholding my lawful rights

Dealing with employees
Why am I in the wrong and I have told them the truth about the law that you do not have to fill out a form or any of their requests. Can’t a person make up their own mind with ‘all’ of the information? Why am I being attacked for doing the right thing? You are going to have uniformed snipers taking pot shots at you when it suits themselves
So you have the employee, the manager and then the owner and later the police may be called. So you have to learn how to jump into one battle into another. Never fight a battle on many fronts as you will get overwhelmed. Say to the higher authority the police in this case that Im having trouble understanding as you are both speaking at the same time. Can we go over to the side and address this and then speak to the manager at later stage? so just come with me over here if you wouldn’t mind and we will sort this out on your level and then on the level of the store. Start walking you are in charge but do it respectfully. It’s all about what you say and the confidence in what you are saying and what you are doing. “I’m the People” as it clearly states in the Australian Constitution that the Supreme and absolutely uncontrollable authority resides in the People. It certainly does not place that power in a set of clothes or uniforms with intimidating with threatening guns and weapons held by you. The understanding is the “authority” has been placed in the People and most people see that as group of people which means” that power is walking amongst us in that sense. That Supreme power has come to reside in us. Then you can speak with the universe provided power and authority. We the People have been “authorised as it is within the People” I’m one of the People and you are one of the People. It is the belief God gives the power it comes from above to the People. It is not just putting on a uniform and I have power. It is what is placed in you or upon you. It certainly is not a set of clothes

Keep any copies of correspondence that you may have to be sent and those received if any… as this is evidence as some of us will have to go to court tout the pressure on the businesses who are using the businesses and companies as a shield for the government. When they start losing business… is not what we want but if need be by principle we are going to have to do it until they stop being the big shield for the government

Business owner
Businesses are presently a big shield for the government
Income taxes are voluntary and the tax office is not any part of the original government its a company in it own right which has been set up to steal your income! You work all week and give a quarter or third of your income to organisation that is not even recognised under Common law etc. Stealing from us and its going offshore not in Australia. Start to learn your rights and to learn about all types of fines.

Dealing with the police
Understand the police are trying to trap you! They are rained in their system to believe that you are the criminal and trap you until you are ‘charged’ fined and jailed. If you don’t know what to say use your lawful right and remain silent. You do not have to deal with any of this until you are in a Chapter III Court with jury of your peers. Even for a speeding fine or camera fine. They have tried to make the system so complicated, so scary and so expensive and its all lies and big bluff to put in front of you. When you learn these things you will be able to go into court and defend yourself at no cost and when you win and you will and when you win you claim all your costs.

Learn about your straw man entity which they have created from your birth certificate or BC. They are looking at you as a company as that is why on your license its in all CAPITAL letters. So they trick you into believing that you have to pay for the company you have to pay the price of it and you don’t. In the wording they try to trap you. Unlearn the slave language and learn the master language. You will understand when they are speaking in slave and you will understand the slave speaking in slave language. We need to speak maser language and step outside their box. They are always trying to trap you into a box which is prison so they can hand you a fine. If you step out of the box they try to set up anther box to try to get you to go to court. Then the judge ties to trap you in box and you have to stand and continue the conversation when you don’t have to and actually don’t. You are free man and you can walk in or out of that court. The courts are just a company and it is a little bit scary but don’t be afraid of something that is scary. Be courageous and learn and do mock practice with one another. Practice on one another and build up your knowledge and confidence. the same with sheriffs and the people have had enough… its dishonest and it was never meant to be.

For the Police
We are asking people who are in the police to wake up and find the courage to stand by the People. They were meant to arrest the politicians. The police are the Peoples police. You are not their to guard the politicians you are meant to arrest the politicians on behalf of the People. You were there to arrest other police who are corrupt. You are there to arrest judges who are corrupt. You are the Peoples police. You have to grasp that. You are the line of defence for the People against a corrupt government. What I would encourage police who are trying to understand what is going on with this situation if you are called to go to a riot leave an open space. We are not on either side unless one side starts attacking. Every conversation should be done peacefully. Send a representative to the protest group and say we are not against you and we are your police force first and foremost however and we have to protect the politicians as their servant role. (Which is no longer a servant role but master role my comments) No body is to hurt anybody and you are to be the mediator. The politicians use the police to assault the People. The politicians think that we are higher than you we can’t be bothered in getting our hands dirty so they use the police as a shield and used as enforcers. You are to protect the People first and foremost not the government! When you are willing to talk correctly and not bring military power to attack the People then we will stand sideways to guard the door. It is not about defending the king it is to defend the People and it was never meant to be the other way around as it is now. No person should ever have that much authority like it is at present to lord it over and hurt another person. That is why they got away with the king in the Magna Carta to stabilise the land. Create this pathway for open communication. Have the courage guys. You got in because you wanted to do good so now is the time which is needed more than ever

For the judges
We need honest judges to start operating correctly
We are supposed to operate under the person is innocent until proven guilty. Proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Im not going to allow this assault for the person that you have dragged before me. I am their shield until you can prove that this person has committed a crime. That means there has to be victim. Come on guys you know this. You are supposed to be the ones reminding the People of the correct law instead of lying to the People and hiding the law and certainly not to be corrupt and get your money from whatever you are doing. Before you get caught out yourself resign. We want the dishonest ones as its getting to big for them to resign. Correcting their attitudes and humbling and acknowledging their wrong doing and if you have to pay a consequence so be it. Have the courage to face it and accept it and the People will be lighter on you when its your turn. But if you are corrupt….

Same with the politicians you are great servants of all and if you do not have the maturity to deal with it Mr. Daniel Andrews as I speak with you specifically at this point in time. You have chosen to be dictator of this state and you are not for the People as you are against the People. You have committed treasonous acts interacting with China and so on and it’s time for you to step aside ok and the P{people will deal with you correctly which will happen and very soon. The politicians need to find the courage to bring to the attention to the police, the courageous police the wrong doings in your own party. Clean your own house first. We have to stop this nonsense of pointing the finger to the other house. If you are not doing the right thing in your own house stop judging your neighbour what they are doing in their house. when you have got yours right you know have grounds to tell them what they are doing wrong. Political party members deal with your own house. Clean house. All parties are to clean house. Remember all public servants are People first. You have chosen to step into the public servant role nobody forced you and you are allowed in their in the understanding that you would be honest and operate it with integrity and so on. If you haven’t done that you need to own up to it. If others around you are doing it you need to bring it to the attention. Im not asking you to be dibber robber but that is what you have asked Australians to do. What I am suggesting is that you walk up to the person and say I am aware that you are doing that wrong and that you join me and walk down to the police station to allow you the opportunity to speak on your own terms first however if you won’t I will step in and speak. No hiding like DHS where they hide the whistleblower. If you don’t care enough about the truth to come out and say its me and take any consequence that might come in reality then you do not care about the situation enough in most cases. You have the courage to come out into the light and those in the right position of authority to protect you until it gets into the courts to decide at what rate that they can allow you to speak openly and not get killed if your information is important enough. This idea of making a secret call to dob your neighbour in…any Australian doing that is a coward! You have been suckered in by this system of anybody who stoops so low.

It all starts with the straw-man entity find it on the Know Your Rights Group to fight for yourself as an individual before you start to help your friends and family. I made another video called Australia’s Freedom. Watch and share it around. thanks you for those who had the courage to share it and pass it on how Australians can stand up respectfully to push back unlawful, unfair and uncaring system. And f a request for the people enforcing it wake up and start walking in he role correctly as our public servants. God has the power according to the Common Law, the People are nest in line, the created cannot rule over the Creator. That is the basis so you have government, you have the People, then you have the politicians and judges who should be policed the most because they are the ones capable of doing the most damage. they want to make out that the grassroots is meaningless no they are the most powerful. They have tried to make People the grassroots but we are the masters and creator of governments.
We are going to turn this around and we are going to turn it around quickly and we are going to have a lot of fun being mindful the those who are not having any fun being locked up in their building s in Melbourne. Again Mr. Daniels they are war crimes! War crimes and you know what I am talking about and I’m quite confident you do. War crimes Humanity crimes You have absolutely nailed yourself a coffin. the Victoria People are coming to deal with their leader first and we will support the other states to liberate them and liberating them from their dishonest leaders until Australia is completely free. Be brave Be confident have fun and we will be in support of taking back your state.