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Freemasons in Perth, Western Australia

Infiltration of the Police and Parliament.

News, Perth Western Australia, Journo, Gary Adshead, flexes his ‘investigative’ muscle by scoping out the Western Australian Masonic Lodges and its members. “State Premiers” and “Senior Police” are Freemasons. So… which oath are these dagger-wielding occultists of “charitable works” upholding? The oath to serve the People or the oath to serve “Lucifer” (Morals and Dogma; Pike)? Can a man serve two masters, and who wants our servants keeping “secrets” about theft, corruption, treason and murder? It’s YOUR corporation Aussie shareholders. Choose your directors v-e-r-y carefully,… if you feel you must. But before you do, you best get busy learning the laws the lawmakers are making, especially section 48 of the W.A. Criminal Code. Search Youtube for “Labyrinth of Truth” and un-learn the labyrinth of lies we’ve been sold.