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Corrupt Masonic Judges & police

Corporate Australia

Australian Demands Freemason Judges Outed

S t o p W o r l d G o v e r n m e n t & Freemasonry

Mike Baird, former Premier of New South Wales, Australia, displays a Tubal-Cain Masonic handshake on 3rd June, 2014 with Han Zheng, representative of the Communist Party of China, and presents him with a picture of the Sydney Opera House in ?Chinese red?.

Uncovering the Hidden HELL’S BELLS
There is something very smelly going on in Perth Western Australia

The 33 Degree Freemason  Australian
“It is unknown to the Australian people that John Winston Howard’s first overseas trip becoming Prime Minister of Australia was to receive his honours of becoming a 33 degree Freemason” Pg 5 of 417

The 1988 masonic takeover of Australia by USA using British prize law